#Dungeon23 week 3

Somehow made it through this week!

I haven't been keeping up with my session reports, and it seems like doing that would be a much better use of my time, lol, but my "school" filled with (checks notes) "roach goblins, bees, and robots" is chugging along.

This week, I pretend the school has a robust technical program and space for some arts.  Every school I've worked at has had a daycare run by students learning child development so that is here too.

I still think of this as a more post apocalyptic gonzo thing, something I wouldn't necessarily run with d-n-d, but with something that has mutations, psychic powers, and also magic.

I've taken my own advice and decided that these "seven room regions" will now be occupied primarily by one type of entity, which if I was running the game would appear on a 1-3 on the encounter die, and on a 4-5 a creature from a neighboring area would show up, and on a 6 something from the next level down would show up.

At some point I'll start thinking about treasure, but since this ain't d-n-d I can more conveniently focus on interesting items/equipment, rather than piles of coins... if I decide to!

I am still writing these as quickly and as simply as I can.  I have a 2 year old so it is a miracle I get even these small notes done.


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