Around the middle of January, my RPG schedule was:

Weekly Lancer game with students in tabletop game club

Weekly UVG+Troika! game with friends online

Bimonthly Runequest game online

Bimonthly D&D game with new friends in person

Commitment to #Dungeon23

It was too much.  I needed to scale back.  Quitting Dungeon23 was easy, but it actually did not bring a whole lot of satisfaction.  I realized I needed to trim back the number of games I was playing, and I spent another month or so hemming and hawing about “which one” I needed to let go, until it struck me.

I needed to let them all go!

So the students are running their own games now.  I said farewell and wrapped up my character’s adventures in the UVG, etc.  Except I will keep the in person D&D game.  I’m new in town and these are new folks I’ve met and am becoming friends with.  Also, it is an in person game, which has been very nice.

So in essence, there hasn’t been any time for me to reflect or post on anything about gaming, because I was too burned out from gaming.

I do have passions though, and I want to be in probably 2 games going forward.  But for now, I’m letting my mind and my body settle down.  And let my imagination refuel. Then I can Burn Better!


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